You Waste, You Pay!

Whether you want to believe it or not, the impacts of climate change are within your range. Waste consumption is one of these effects.

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(Source: Flickr)

Have you ever stopped to consider where your rubbish goes after you throw it in the bin? Let me give you a quick summary:

  1. Garbage is collected
  2. Waste is transported
    • General waste is taken to a landfill and buried, later releasing methane into the atmosphere, which is a greenhouse gas 😦
    • Organic waste goes to a landfill where it is shredded and turned into high quality compost 🙂
    • Your recycling waste gets sorted and sent to a factory where it is turned into new products 🙂


Ultimately, the cycle impacts you, as you end up having to pay for the negative consequences of using un-recyclable goods. Indeed, the greater the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere, the more likely payment of taxes related to the issue will rise. Hence, you waste (and don’t recycle), you pay.


Tip #3: Recycle! It is so easy to do and you won’t even notice any change to your daily routine. Recycling involves separating your papers, plastics and glass, and placing them in different bins depending on your local council’s rubbish regulations. If you want to do one better than this, you can also recycle food waste. In my house, we keep our food scraps in a plastic bag in the freezer so as not to attract insects into the house. The day before rubbish collection, we place the scraps in our green bin. Not only does recycling help minimise the effects of climate change, but it also reduces damages to your wallet. So what are you waiting for? Happy recycling! 🙂



One thought on “You Waste, You Pay!

  1. Really interesting and educational blog post! It’s great to see how you’re giving ups to help reduce climate change on an individual scale. The cause that I am passionate about also involves climate change and how it is affecting our reefs causing coral bleaching and then death to the reefs.

    It’s great to see how individuals are able to change their ways of living to help reduce climate change. Through your campaign do you think you will ever talk about how individuals are affecting the reefs specifically through climate change? If so this would be great to read and very informative. I can’t wait to follow your campaign throughout.

    A.T, Killing our Coral


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